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Winterize Challenge Extended! Answered

It seems that winter is coming much more slowly than we thought it would.  Due to the unseasonably warm weather we are extending the Winterize Challenge until November 24, 2014!  Take advantage of the long summer and get ready for winter!


I know it's nice outside across most of the geography that Instructables authors reside upon. But it's gonna get cold!

Be the ants, not the grasshoppers. We're trying to incentivize chores here, and we'll give you prizes for doing what you'll end up doing later this year. (Or you're all in Florida and mystified at the notion of winterizing. Just think Game of Thrones with indoor plumbing and HVAC systems.)

There's going to be a Winter Wearables contest later this year, so save your hats and scarves until then. Unless you are yarnbombing your exterior pipes, in which case we want to see that in the Winterize Challenge.

Yarn Bombing exterior pipes! That sounds like so much fun it makes me wish I had exterior pipes. :-)

Winter is most definitely not coming slowly in my part of the world! We are expecting it to arrive within the next few days. Our first snowfall already came on Oct. 31.


3 years ago

Well that is good. I had a few things I was working on but would not have been able to meet the time line. Maybe now I can.