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Wiping a hard drive Answered

I recently got into taking apart old computers that no longer work (and by no longer work I mean really screwed up and not worth keeping) and see what I can salvage.  I found this 80 gigabyte hard drive from a Windows Desktop computer, and i was wondering how i could wipe it without having to put it back in the computer, because it's all in pieces at the moment. If they uploaded correctly, i have pictures of the hard drive and all of it's info.

Also, could some tell me the official name of it please?

Thanks. :D


i guess it depends on what you mean by wiping it.

if you mean you just want to make sure there's no data on it before it hits the trash, then you could degauss it.

if you're wanting to be able to use the drive once it's wiped then you definitely don't want to do that.

you're going to have to mount the drive up in something to be able to use it anyway, so...


8 years ago

NachoMahma is correct, you must plug it into some sort of controller. You could use an IDE to USB converter and format it, that way you don't have to open your computer or anything, but you'd still need a computer though. Also, remember that you don't HAVE to format it using the same computer you got it from.

. You have to connect the drive to a controller of some sort. AFAIK (and I've been working with computers since 1972) there is no magic short-pins-x-and-y-and-apply-power method to format a HDD.
.  That is a Western Digital Caviar drive with EIDE interface. Model/part #WD800AB-22CBA1.

here are the pictures, sorry about that.

hard drive 1.jpghard drive 2.jpghard drive 3.jpghard drive 4.jpg