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Wire Transistor? Answered

How can I make a wire transistor? It needs to work quite well and has to be stable. Please help either with a picture and description or a schematic. Thanks to you guys in advance.


What's "wire transistor" ? There are conceptual wire nanotransistors, but they ain't for amateurs.


@tzq33tdq - we need more details. What do you understand a "wire transistor" be? What do you need it for?

By 'wire transistor' I mean a wire/set of wires that act like a transistor. I want it because it would be cheaper and have a wider operating temp. than a normal transistor.

Just because you can put the words together in a certain order doesn't make the result realisable.

Transistors cost a penny or two each, and operate well at temperatures below freezing, and approaching boiling.

BEYOND boiling. The maximum junction temperature can be 150C.