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Wire only (no PCB) Speaker in clear resin ball. Answered

So I had an idea to recycle on old speaker into something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.  Firstly I realise this will not improve it in any way   and over heating may be a serious problem but I never use the speakers and want to make this mainly as a novelty item rather than best functionality. What I had in mind was taking the speaker amp apart and resoldering all the components with wire rather than using the pcb, this would then be set in a clear resin ball with volume control, jack, power and cone sticking out. Firstly what would be the best way to prevent all the exposed solder contacting, Hot glue? Next what is the best resin to use, for clear resin I only know of polyester, is this best? If so are there any kinds of mould material that cant be used with this type of resin? Lastly could anyone suggest a way to ensure that all components are completely covered (i dont want any bits sticking just above the surface as it would ruin the look of it.) Thanks for any thoughts!  


Thanks for the advice. The idea is to have the back of the speaker in resin but the front exposed. I realise this isn't ideal but this project is about aesthetics.
I am looking at a similar project as the two mentioned (I really like the idea of an induction charged LED cube!) but I am looking to set a bundle of wires and components in resin. I will probably set it as single volume so I don't have to worry about the knob getting stuck, and I'm definately going for polyester resin. Main concern is to make sure the wires not touching the sides of the container as they will probably end up exposed when I sand it. I need to check the size once the amp has been resoldered but just now I am looking at using a ball pit ball (the 3" hollow plastic balls that kids play in)
I guess I'll just try it out with a bunch of wires to see how it comes out and take it from there.

Putting the amplifier in resin may work as long as the power parts don't overheat.

Putting the speaker in resin is a well ... bad ... idea. A speaker works by moving the air around it. Sound is vibrating air. Speaker in resin = no sound.

In a good speaker box, the box itself and the air inside are part of the design and needed to make the speaker perform.

Did you see how lonesoulsurfer did his LED Resin Cube, or koogar's Headphone Amplifier? I would suggest something like that.
It would be easiest if you put the cone, volume control, audio jack, and power source all on one side, sticking out of the resin though - I don't know what kind of aesthetics you're looking for.
I've used hot glue as an insulator before, and it works great. The thing is that it looks kinda sloppy (see my Cheap RC Surveillance - Step 2). That doesn't sound like what you're going for. With the resin, you're probably going to be able to see right through the speaker housing, so the hot glue will be seen as well as the wires/solder/components.
As for a ball, that would be really hard with simple molds (a.k.a recycled containers). But the problem might have been solved by Tim Wikander very recently - instead of concrete, use resin. Of course, you could always make it a ball later by lots of sanding. :-)
Hope that helps!
 - basementhacker