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Wire to Wireless? Answered

I purchased some XCam2 cameras, They are hard wired. Due to the need where to locate them, I would need them to become wireless. This is a great site along with some great minds. Thank you all for your input.


This is exactly what a wireless "bridge" is for.

It allows you to make wired networking devices wireless on your network.

I can't recommend a specific model, but you can see here that there are many to choose from:

Many wireless routers today have the option of operating in "bridge mode" so start looking at cheap wireless routers and just check the specs to see if they support that function.

you have to use a wireless remote control and you insert in you computer/laptop and you locate the xcam2 cameras to your work example in robots ,secret cameras , security system,and etc. are the parts that let me view the camera from my computer. the laptop is nice since its mobile but i can use any computer that install the drivers for the video capture adapter to. the silver box is the receiver that came with the camera.It needs a 12v power supply to run which also comes with the camera kit (not shown) the black box lets me convert the TV component cable to usb to use with computer.It is a Sabrent USB audio video capture adapter that i got from tiger direct.


Cool dude that is the exact same rig I used to set up a goat cam for my blog! Great minds think alike I suppose...

Point-to-point link with a laser of reasonable switching speed, perhaps.

Would depend how much bandwidth you needed. Pick up the laser with a photodiode.


I'd suggest the X10 wireless video link, but it would probably cost you more than you want to pay. Unfortunately all the other ideas I can think of would cost still more.