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Wireing joystick from PS1 controller to USB for PC Answered

I would like to wire a joystick, taken from a PS1 controller, to USB and be able to use it for my PC. The joystick has two Potentiometers ( three wires each, of course ) and a single push switch ( two wires ) I am unsure how this may be done, ( I'm sure it can be ) and also wouldn't know much about writing software for it, should it be accomplished. any help will be greatly appreciated.


or you could buy an adapter im sure they sell it somewhere

true, but i was just looking for a single joystick. odds are i could buy one that size somewhere, but it would be a fun project to make all the same.

study a 15 pin joystick see if its the same (or at least similar)with your ps1 controller

you cant do usb
you could however use serial, better yet use the joystick connector(more pins)