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Wireless LED light? Answered

I would like to make an LED light that can be controlled by some form of wireless on/off switch.

I cannot use IR as the switch will be in a different room to the light.

I think I could use the Imp board I have seen on here but that seems expensive as I think I would need 2 Arduinos, 2 Imp shields and 2 Imps.

Maybe I could use Bluetooth, Xbee or RF?

Any thoughts?





5 years ago

Xbee is the easiest.


Check out the SRF and LRF modules from Ciseco Alex. My SRF module arrived this week, it's as smaller than my thumb nail and claimed to be better than xbee ;) (but probably not as easy for a novice to use)

Amazingly small SRF device, definitely keep it in mind for future apps :)

Can i use Xbee without Arduino?

Trying to keep cost down and ultimately I will need 3 lights controlled by the one switch.