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Wireless Networking (ROUTER) HELP!!! Answered

I am interested in purchasing a new router because the one i have is old and does not meet my standard anymore. There is one thing i need to know and that i do not understand. On my router for the amount of computers online at once it only says 4, how do i know or how do i find a router that can support more that 4 computers!! If you were wondering i have about 8 things that continuously use wireless networking.


A linksys WRT54GL is a nice router or any older WRT54G (( Version 4.0 or older )) They allow you to run other firmwares, like Tomato, Sveasoft, OpenWrt, and DD-WRT, on them and you can customize them how you like, and for under $80 new and from free to $40 used they are about the best router you can get for under a hundred bucks... (( And they look even better if you crack them open and replace all the green LED with blue Leds... )) They however they only support 802.11 B/G standards and I don't know if your going for 802.11 N/A/Y standards ... So I hope this helps

Usually home routers are limited/built with the 4 physical lan connections that you plug into the router with your lan cables from devices like PC/printers. If your networking/DNS addressing is set up correctly, you could have up to 253 devices connected wirelessly. If you wanted to add more physical ports/connections just add a switch or a hub to piggyback off of one of the 4 physical lan ports you have in the router.