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Wireless Screen monitor? Answered

I know this is not a new though and people have been asking on this forum. However I didn't find a similar solution to mine and thus I would like to ask for the possibility of success.

A laptop, fully working, a desktop monitor, fully working also

A wireless VGA between the laptop and the monitor, so I can use my laptop in one side of my room, while having the monitor sits in other corner, within 5 meter

Proposed solution:
A wireless kit [url]http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders/print/ez430-rf2500.html[/url], so one end attaches to the VGA port of the laptop, of course a a simple will be needed to input the VGA signal into the microcontroller. The receiver will also be attached to the desktop monitor with an appropriate circuit.

is it a possible solution? if so, what could the appropriate circuit be please?


I don't have the link hand, but google "usb lcd" for circuit designs to attach a monitor via usb.... then it's a short hop to the tons of usb rf circuit designs out there.

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It didn't come out right. If you Google craigslist page not found there is a page that has a cow on it. I copied the cow and pasted it but...

Difficult to do.
Go looking for "wireless vga sender", prices reflect the complexity involved.


looks like there are commercial solutions out there using wireless usb but they are around 100 dollars might as well buy a nettop at that price and use synergy


you could do this the hard way but if you want something that just works a wireless usb solution would be my choice