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Wireless, Wireless, WIRELESS! Help with circuits Answered


I just have a seemingly easy problem, but apparently it's not.

Everything out there is wireless, doorbells, your electric car key, the fan control, garages, my bike speedometer.
With so many wireless circuits, why is it so difficult to find a cheap, inexpensive circuit that a hobbyist can make?
No, I didn't mean buy a circuit then mod it.

I've searched all over and it's so hard to find a simple wireless solution that includes both a RX and a TX.

I've seen Xbee but that's something I would have to use with my Arduino. It's also not exactly 'cheap'.
So that get's crossed off the list.

Are there any schematics for simple wireless RX/TX button or two that works up to 50 feet?
What about schematics for a wireless circuit that works up to 100 feet?

For my RC plane I have this TINY receiver that has six channels. The transmitter isn't that big either and it works up to 1 mile!
But instead of paying 25 bucks for 1 mile and 6 channels, what about 1 or 2 channels for a 10 dollar circuit?

See what I'm jabbing at?

I don't want to by a doorbell then start unsoldering stuff from board to mod it!

With so many wireless applications out there this should be a walk in the park!

If you can give help me I would GREATLY appreciate that!



past of the reason is it technically illegal to do it without a licence

did you not know that? radio transmissions are very tightly regulated. yes, there are legal bands that don't require a license to operate in, but you need extremely expensive and specialist test equipment to know you are compliant, which the average 14 year old doesn't have access to. prosecutions for illegal transmissions are not rare.

Dang- well I keep my projects at home :D (if I can find anything to make :(

I’m Canadian our rules are the same, Steve is UK so the rules are different.

You are Tennessee/Georgia border if you are in the country and your nearest neighbour is a mile or more you should never have a problem as long as you don’t go power crazy.

Short range low wattage like a 4 watt transmitter don’t worry about a licence you don’t need one under the law, ½ watt will work up to a hundred yards in a clear line of sight. (No buildings or mountains.) But high powered transmitters you need a licence and frequency restrictions do apply.

Remember Canada and the US are the same rules and you can get the frequencies here.


You can build a transmitter and receiver with as little equipment as the frequency counter on a multimeter if you know what you are doing.

Interesting note here in North America shortwave you don’t need a licence to listen and during a disaster or emergency you don’t need a licence to transmit.


For close line of sight things try the circuits in my Instructable Ghost Busted


For greater distances or no line of sight try Googleing these.

RC transmitter circuits

RC transmitter and receiver circuit

RC receiver circuit

I found hundreds of circuits.


Thanks I will try that sometimes I'm just not sure what to google.