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Wireless activated buzzer/alarm Answered

Can someone help me with this?

I need a wireless activated buzzer or alarm. Similar to the cheap wireless doorbells where you push the button on the remote and the bell rings. Release the button, and it stops. But it needs to be a loud sounding buzzer or alarm, fairly high decibels, and did I mention very inexpensive?

Also, the buzzer/alarm part needs to be as small as possible.

I appreciate all your help!



6 years ago

I found a very inexpensive dog collar on one of the cheap, Chinese websites that is made just this way, actually, it is like a walkie talkie where you can "talk" to the dog ! LOL

The last time I noticed them on those websites, they were around $12 - $15.

I don't remember which sites they were, there were a couple, google the deal a day sites, I have definitely seen them there.

dealextreme.com is one of the chinese sites, meritline.com is another....there are a bunch if you look.

Good luck !!


Reply 6 years ago

did you ever find something that would work. I am looking for the same thing.