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Wireless charging? Answered

So i would like to make a simple wireless charger for an ipod (ok ok its not so simple once you factor in the ipod) but i want it to be able to show a charging sign.... also it would be nice if it waould work from one or two feet apart minimum. I heard guys at MIT made one for a 60 watt lamp that worked 2 meters away... so its possible... i can probably order any circuitry if it is reasonably priced and available at digikey or mouser. :)
I have access to several ipods so it doesnt really matter what model i use. I also know that this would probably make a huge electromagnetic wave... possibly? idk... but if it is big enough to destroy nearby electronics i might not want to try...
So i am all for distance- the farther the better.... Also base power is not an issue, i can use a wall wart if i need to...i can just see an ipod touch with 500 passes of wire around it 5 feet away from a 2 foot square power station..... all while erasing my hard drive :)

Soo.... im coming back to reality for a min.... anybody know any sites....any formulas too!!

Thx! :) :)


The MIT experiment requires precisely tuned circuitry on both sides of the connection, if I remember correctly. (There are good reasons nobody had made that work until fairly recently!) I haven't seen a full write-up of their solution, so I can't offer any advice on it; I'd go hunting the MIT websites to see if you could find a better description. For short range, there are multiple Instructables on this topic; see the "RELATED" column at the right for some of them.

More technical info on the MIT solution can be found at http://www.mit.edu/~soljacic/wireless_power.html Haven't yet dug into it enough to see if I could homebrew a version.

k... i can go for a smaller powered device... just looking around for some good how to websites for it (ironic cause im on one now) i have read some of the related articles... but the whole sine wave thing gets confusing.... will look further :) Keep up the great comments!

Your best bet at this juncture is an inductive charging pad. true wireless charging is still in its infancy and in general is more suitable to micro power devices.

All of them that i've seen that worked at all were based on the transformer principle.  Meaning that a coil makes a magnetic field that another coil is put into and absorbs some energy.

And I also see that you hd would probably be erased at the same time.