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Wireless connection Answered

I have an old iPod touch that I can hook up to my tv I was wondering how can I use that  To connect my new iPod touch to my tv wirelessly  like I want to old iPod to be the receiver  then I would tv out that on to my tv any suggestions thanks in advanced .


There are a lot of dlna apps for all the operating systems. Even an old pc could be used like an apple tv. Even some of the nas units will let you install software compatible with itunes and or dlna. I have dlna installed on our old p2. works like a charm.

It can't be done!

For one no iPod is able to transmit video either over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Sure you can upload a video to the internet but not stream it directly from the unit.

actually you can stream content over servers im hoping to create a client server relationship between my 2 ipods then hook up one ipod to my tv set vis av cables thus creating a "wireless" connection they have apps u can do that now with im just not sure which ones to use in theory i think its possible i just dont know enough about clents and servers

I remember there was use of an app in relation to an eyefi card for making a network to move the images - there's a possibility that the same thing could be shoehorned in to doing what you want...

Essentially the easiest way to do it would be to send to one, while the other one acts as a streaming network for your TV (your Tv would need to be capable of looking up and playing the files itself I think)

If it's just using one to display on the TV then you'd just be connecting to your computer/home network and streaming files from that to play on the iPod...

What apps allow you to create a small network between iPods?

thanks but i dont have money to buy an apple tv i was hoping i could sort of make my old ipod iinto an "apple tv " it be cooll my tv was DLNA i dont think that it is im wondering if i can use my router in some way to stream over my tv as well i appreciate you guys for responding .