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Wireless control of a NC relay? Answered

I'm sort of a newbie when it comes to this stuff. Originally I planned on just putting in a NC momentary switch. Now my idea has evolved, I would like a momentary switch to wirelessly control a relay.

How would I go about setting up a wireless transmitter/reciever. Whether it be IR or something else.


Unless you make the signal "really simple" (meaning possible false starts, etc), building it from scratch will be difficult for the advanced maker, much less a novice.

Hacking an already working R.C. device or the remote controler and receiver out of some device (tv, radio, etc) would make the job much easier.  

You might be able to set something up such as a laser tripwire or similar. Look here and also check www.robotroom.com where I know there is a remote sensor project using IR.