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Wireless electricity? Answered

How do I wire my tesla coil to power multiple receivers and how do I wire receivers if necessary


Your Tesla coil won't work for wireless power. The problem with wireless power is the transmitter and receiver need to be nearly on top of each other to transfer the power. You may want to read up on the technology.

Just got a book so I have for sure right away instead of researching for months on the internet

I have transmitted workable electricity over twenty feet with the magnetron of a microwave.

Using a parabolic dish you can focus the output of a magnetron I don’t know how you would focus the EM field of a tesla coil.


What was "workable"? I'm not arguing, I'm curious about what efficiency you achieved. A microwave magnetron puts out a kilowatt or so of power (10 A at 110 V). It's a beam, rather than isotropic, so you don't get 4-pi loss, but there's still 1/r^2. At 6 m, I would guess you'd see 0.4 watts [using (12 cm/600 cm)^2], but that's just a guess.

It was an old 1300 watt magnetron so I only got around 7% efficiency.

I got the idea watching a video of a guy lighting up Florissant tubes with a magnetron.


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It was interesting you can transmit enough energy to light up a Florissant tube with no circuitry at the tube, but at less than 10% efficiency at 25 feet, it is a toy at best.

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...and a magnetron is 100% efficient....??? More like 70.