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Wireless internet receiver? Answered

Is there any device that you can plug into your router in one room, and then connects wirelessly to a receiver in another room, and then that connects to a device such as a laptop? What I am looking to do is take the ethernet jack that is in my moms office and hook the transmitter up to it. Then take then take the wireless receiver and put it in my room to hook it up to my Apple Time Capsule. From the Time Capsule I would send the wireless signal to my laptop sitting right next to it. If you are thinking I could just hook my Time capsule up to the modem in my moms office, thats the way we have it set up right now, which gives me a very weak internet signal, if any, so if there is any device that will do this it has to send out a stronger signal than the Time Capsule. If you don't understand what I was saying you can look ant the diagram below. Is this possible?


Use a wifi router in bridge mode: possibly add a better antenna.


can you give me a sort of mini explanation on how this works like would it be the thing receiving the signal or transmitting it and if it was receiving the signal then what would transmit the signal the modem?

You're hung up on "modem", get something like a DG834 router, plug it in, and use a webbrowser to set it into bridge mode. Job done

What you are looking for is a repeater. Or you can use, as
mtdna suggested, a bridge.

So this would be like the wireless receiver in my diagram? If so, what would send the signal to it? the modem. Also sorry for all the times I said router, I meant modem.

it would look something like the image below: the repeater/ hub/ wireless transceiver would go between your mothers computer and the modem functioning as a bridge and your time capsule would function as the repeater.This would do everything you have said. as the device would plug into the ethernet port on the modem and provide a passthrough to your mothers computer (effectively being transparent to it. The time capsule would then connect to the transceiver wirelessly. As MTDNA has mentioned the easiest device to do this with is an airport. There is no dumb dongle as yet that will plug into ethernet and act as a bridge between 802.3 (ethernet) and 802.11 (wireless a,b,g,n,x) only smart devices like an airport or wireless hub will perform this function.


how would you link the repeater to the time capsule and then send the signal from the time capsule to my wireless devices

See above. Briefly put most every internet device knows the address of anything on its network. If it is talking to it fine. Every other piece of data gos to its external address, the process then repeats. I am vasgly over simplifying things but trust us it works

also would this boost my internet signal on all of my devices?

It is a wireless connection just like connecting any wireless device. If you go with an airport, the built in configuration software will do it for you. If you use anothef device you would loginto the time capsule and use its software to join the network created by the wireless hub between the modem and the computer

and that would then send the signal to my wireless devices?

The time capsule and the wireless hub both send and recive data. Your wireless devices join the wireless network of the time capsule which then forwards internet traffic go the hub which passes them to the modem and so on and so forth until it reaches its destination. This is how the internet works one drvice sends data on to the next in a chain, or really a bunch of chains but that is beyond the svope of what you are adking about.


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I'm slightly confused by the way you phrased your question, but I think what you are looking for is called a wireless ethernet bridge. Apple's version is called Airport.

oh my gosh sorry for all the times I said router I meant modem

no basicly what im looking for is something that can plug into your ethernet jack, send a wireless signal to a reciever and then you could plug your ethernet cord into the reciever and a laptop and then you will get internet on that laptop but it has to have more range than the apple time capsule