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Wiring 5 4pdt toggle switches (using center & 1 outside row contacts) 1 on cuts power off to others? Answered

5 4pdt switches using only center & 1 outside row of terminals (8 connections per switch). Power (9vdc) in to 2 terminals on center row each switch. When turn any one switch on, want other 4 disconnected from power.  Don't want anything programable. Relays ok or an ic. Trying to keep it basic & reasonable. Using total of 10 4pdt switches, half negative side & half positive voltage.  Set-up to work on either bank of switches.  More switches or 6pole  not an option because of expense.  I can come off 1 terminal with power to ?????   I feel like I'm missing something simple. I hope somebody reading Instructables has a solution. Thanks in advance for your help. 


Are these centre off switches ?

So there isn't an "off", only that the +ve voltage won't be switched in

I want to flip one switch to make all four contacts on it & disconnect power to other 4 switches. Example 5 switches wired to 5 lights, ABCD&E. Switch C turns on light C only but keeps ABD&E from turning on any lights.

Use logic chips.
Then you have to implement the following logic table.

Aout = A./B./C./D

Where the . means "AND", and the / means negate. Its pretty simple to do with 4000 series gates, the 4082 is a 4 input AND, and 4069 inverters.

You need only single pole switches.