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Wiring, DSC PC1832 security system at home, how? Answered


Hey, hope somebody can help me to getting this thing work properly, im not sure how to connect the keypad, smoke and move detectors... i got 3 zones to move detectors(means that in one floor i got all detectors joint on one wire, and now, where on that board i put red and black(+12 and -) yellow and blue(NO and C) That picture is not my taken, found it on inthernet. Thanks for any help:) Sorry for my bad english.


Well if you can find me the Model numbers off the enclosure/board and the MAKE/Brand of the system that would be a start.

Thanks! PC1832 V4.23 EU UA503 is on the board and PIR Motion Detectors are named DSC- LC-100PI(got seven terminals, but im using only 4, NC, C and -12V+) If anything is still missed then ask for it, hope thats gonna help u to understand what u need to teach me:)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/50966597@N07/4682951783/  Finnaly got some pictures uploaded, got really slow connection here:( Hope now somebody can help me, where to connect the sensors wires:) I got now in all floors one terminal- 1. 2. and 3. first floor detectors are joint gradually, and other too, so now i need to install them on that board, and smoke detectors too. Sorry if its wery confused, but i give my best to explain...

Oh jeeze.. I see your debacle going on here... This is almost one of those things that unless I sat down with a laptop and had that box right infront of me with the tools to wire it up, I'm not sure I could tell ya, I'll read around though and see if I can make sense of it. Maybe I'm just not awake-enough this morning.