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Wiring Staples Button to Xbox 360 power button Answered

I have an old white xbox with a broken disc drive which if I fix I will give to one of my friends. The plan though was that before giving it to him I'd spray paint it red and stencil in the yellow the hammer and sickle onto the top. My second idea was then to use the steps found in this guide: https://www.instructables.com/edit/new?type=forumTopic&categoryGroup=forums&category=burning_questions
to record the Russian national anthem onto the board, and then wire it to the power button so that it would play whenever he turns it on. Do any of you have an idea on how to go about wiring this to the xbox's power button?


I would suggest getting an arduino uno, an ir transmitter and getting the code to power on the xbox. Push the button and the ir transmitter sends the zignal to the xbox and viola! IMHO wireless is better. And that is a fairly "easy" setup.

I am guessing the xbox power switch is a momentary pushbutton switch. You may want to swap that out with a double pole momentary switch so that you can have the easy button circuit isolated from the xbox and have them work independently with one press.