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Wiring for cosplay - arc reactor - soldering help? Answered

Iron Man cosplay trouble - my soldering iron won't tin, first off. It worked fine last week. I've tried cleaning, sanding off the dirty parts, using flux... I'm stuck. Also, it's heating the solder enough to melt it, but not the wires enough for it to create any kind of connection.

It's a pretty small space that I've got to wire everythig in is pretty tight. I could post pics of the set up / ideas for the actual wiring? I've got 6 white LEDs and 2 3v batteries for power.


When you say "it won't tin" do you mean the IRON wont tin, or the wires wont tin? The iron must have a clean tip (not black charcoal looking). use a wire brush to scrape the iron tip, then apply solder and flux to the tip quickly. The iron should have a silvery spot that will melt solder now. Now that the IRON is tinned, now you can tin your wires if you wish. Keep a wet sponge nearby so you can occasionally wipe the solder iron tip on. Do not leave your iron plugged in for hours when not soldering. After a few hours of NOT SOLDERING, the iron will get that black charcoal tip syndrome that is causing you so much problems.

Nothing will tin. The solder melts and just beads off. I cleaned it the other day when I posted this, nothing has helped. I have flux and the correct solder. The solder won't stick to the wires at all, either. Also, it's battery powered do I can't leave it plugged in. Should I be removing the batteries when I'm not using it? I don't really have the money to buy a whole new iron at this point, either.

(Maybe you should power it from the Arc Reactor . . . Oh no - Catch 22 ! ! ! #;¬)

As Iceng says - Are you using lead / tin or lead free solder?  Lead free does not tin as easily and requires a higher temperature to melt. 

You mention using flux -You shouldn't need additional flux if you're using proper electronic solder which has a core of flux in it.  Also if you're soldering to a larger copper area than you're used to it could be sinking more heat away. 

Photos would be useful to see what you've got.

It's lead-free electrical solder, and everything was working fine the other day, but I messed up on sOme of the wiring do I had to start over, and now nothing.

I can't add photos cause I'm on my phone now, but I'll put some up later.


6 years ago

What are you using for solder ( tin lead ) or lead-free ?