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Wiring high power LEDs and need some direction. Answered

Hello all,
I am currently trying to design a product, we'll simply call it a light, that requires 6, maybe 7 extremely bright LEDs. I'd like to keep it running off a 3v battery. The LEDs I would like to use are made by Cree (XP-E2) or something similar.
The specs can be found on this page:

My question is, will I even be able  to fully power 6 of these things off 3V or even 6V(I'd rather keep it to 3V)? If so, how long can I expect the battery life to be?

I've never had any experience with these high power LEDs before, but all of the other SMD LEDS only light to ~40 lumens. I'd really like to make this work, or find a similar alternative.

Thanks in advance.


My next question would be, what would be the max fwd current, fwd voltage, etc. that I could use using a 3V battery and 7 LEDs? 9V with 7LEDs?
I think the size of two of those 3V batteries is about the same size as a 9V anyway.

This is probably a better question, as the battery is more of a constraint than the LED array.

You'd use a boosting LED controller for these things, they can't be sensibly controlled with linear electronics, so the question is entirely down to battery size, as a result of the intended run time of the number of LEDs you want to run.

You can't run these LEDs off 3V.

They're called "High power" Leds, because that's what it takes to run 'em.

Those LEDs need around 3V @1A to drive them - x 6 that's 18W. That's a lot of battery load, something like 2Ah.