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Wiring high-power LEDs with a switch and power source? Answered

I'm looking to wire 5 high-powered LEDs to both an on/off switch, as well as a five-way selector switch, to change between LEDs. From doing a little research, I'm guessing that you would wire the switches between the circuits and the power source, but I'm not exactly sure how to do this. I'll be using Luxeon LEDs, along with simple driver circuits I found on here. I'm still confused as to how to power it, and how to wire the switches. Any help?



What value would the resistor be? Would that be dependent on something else, or would it be a standard value in this case?

This isn't the engineering answer, but think of the resistor as a safety to protect
your investment in those cool bright LEDs.
( Like in a power surge to your shop )

To pick the value of the resistor so it protects and does not hinder performance.
You need to describe your components in detail and Ask the ible's group.

Some one knowledgeable like yokozuna will help.


7 years ago

For some applications, such as a car, they put the switch on the ground side so that the power is always on but until the ground is made no current flows. For heaver voltage circuits its often better to switch it on the power side, or the live side. This is how its done in your house. The switch is on the hot side so something like a light fixture is not always hot. This way when you touch it you don't close the circuit with your body. Higher power applications can also spark or arc when the switch is thrown. So its better to have your power switch before your selector switch so any arcing will take place in the power switch rather than the selector switch.

This would be easy to accomplish... you pretty much guessed it right.

Power ---> On/Off---> Resistor ---> 5way Switch --->LEDs