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Wiring motion sensing light to include a 120V AC siren? Answered

Here's the goal: to have a wired, outdoor, motion sensing flood light that includes a 120V AC siren that will also sound whenever the light is triggered.  The proposed setup would start with some sort of switch or hidden switched outlet (possibly WeMo so only I can control it and I can also tie in some IFTTT recipes) that the whole system would run through.  Power would then run to an off-the-shelf motion sensing flood light not unlike this one.  From there, one of the light fixtures would be rewired to run power to a 110V AC horn/siren not unlike this industrial unit.  Is there any glaring reason that this would not work, and what considerations should be made vis-à-vis the fixtures wattage rating and the rating of the siren?  The final product should be something that when switched off is just that...off, and when switched on would trigger a light and a very audible siren.  Finally, any ideas on where to look for a siren/horn like the one described?  The industrial unit in the link might be a bit too big. fdsafdsa   fdsaf(not un From


if you were going to use lets say an outside motion light, you could make one of these sirens either hard wire into the socket, or use socket adapter and plug this in


probably less then $10 to make

All you need to do is connect the motion light to a switched source, be it a light switch or a wemo switched outlet. Then just get a light to outlet adapter and plug it in. If you dont need the light you can also get a motion sensing oulet and plug the siren into that

Your going to need a relay to operate the mains siren. The relay acts as a low voltage switch. You may need to use a transistor to operate the relay.

is that not what the motion sensor would do? In other words, where there would be two lights being switched on by the motion sensor, you now how 1 light and a siren. make sense?