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Wiring some speakers? Answered

I'd like to hook my ipod up to these speakers but I don't know if my ipod wil get fried. I'm going to take headphones, take off the buds, and attach the wires to these big speakers. Can someone tell me if I need a regulator or something to stop my ipod from becoming toast?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Don't try it, it won't work.  If you want to play music from your iPod through large speakers, you'll need an amplifier.  You can buy one or make one yourself fairly easily.

The Ipod won't power very big speakers.  I wouldn't think it would even power 2" speakers by itself.  It has a very small amp as do other mp3 players.

To get bigger speakers you need to run it thru a powered speaker set.  Or an amp that takes an aux. input.