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Wiring speakers to a volume control? Answered

I have a pair of Bose speakers that I salvaged from one of thier radios and I wanted to wire them to a volume control and a jack to be able to hook it up to my computer. And if I need some sort of external power source like a power transformer, (I have several around the house from old anwsering machines) help would be appreciatted with that also.


It there anything of the radio left to use? L

taking the radio apart was a bad idea... you could've done some circuit tracing and put in a audio jack so now you need an amp for the speakers, or else it will not work well

The plug has 3 parts tip, ring, sleeve. Wire one speaker to the tip connection and ground connection. Wire the other speaker to ring connection and ground connection. Now you have stereo speakers. If the speakers don't have an amp on them then you won't need a power transformer because you have nothing to power with it. Either you are going to use the amp in your mother board or you are going to use the amp in you sound card. Even if the speakers were 12"ers out of a big stereo half a watt out of your sound card would make plenty of sound. As long as the speakers you are using are marked 4 or 8 ohms you will have no problem with matching the impedance. If they are less or more I wouldn't us them since they may overload the amp. I wouldn't use a separate vol. control. Just use the software vol. control in the computer. If I've left out anything important someone will soon add or correct us. Good luck.

i think he took apart one of those BOSE wave guide radios they have like 4" drivers