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Wiring two 9v devices to batteries... Answered

I want to run a motor attached to a motion sensor in such a manner that the motion sensor triggers the motor. The motor is run by 6 1.5v D cell batteries, thus I imagine requires a 9v draw. The battery operated motion sensor also requires 9v. If I wire them in series, which I (hopefully correctly) understand would require 18v total and thus would require some number of batteries wired in series to achieve that total. Correct?


. The sensor and the motor should be connected to a 9V battery in parallel, not series. . If you use multiple 9V batteries, they should be connected in parallel. . 9V for the motor is probably a good assumption, but I'd verify that the batteries (technically cells; a battery is a collection of cells) are wired in series in the holder or put a voltmeter on the output ... just in case. . The only thing that will be wired in series is the 1.5V cells, and the holder should take care of that for you.

Could you post a wiring diagram. I am trying to do something similar but with a smaller motor and a smaller motion detector with double a batteries. It is going to trigger an Airsoft claymore mine.

to drive the motor at full RPM at 9v you would need some more power, but not doubled but you have to watch that you don't give it too much and kill the motion sensor or possibly the motor.