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Wirless router from a wireless router ? Answered

is it possible to conect another wireless router to a wireless router?

Not wirelessly but from the other ports ? 




8 years ago

Thanks for all the answer ill give it a try in the weekend

Sure. You'll be going through another layer of address translation, but it should work just fine; you're just using the first router as a _wired_ router as far as the second one is concerned.

BTW, this is a fairly standard approach when you want to separate a secure network for your own machines from an insecure one for the guests. Make the one that connects to outside insecure, then connect all your own machines to the better-secured one.

Try using DD-RT.

Sure! Make sure router 1 has internet access (ethernet plugged into the "internet port, obviously), then connect one of it's LAN ports to the other router's internet port. 

But the traditional way to do this is wirelessly, using the repeater function on the routers (if any), or a separate repeater. The advantage of this is you aren't tied down by wires. The disadvantage is that (unless push-to-connect works) it can be a bit of a hassle to set up with some routers. Any special reason to do it wired? 

If the router that connects to the internet is the one that dsl/cable company gave you then you might have to go thru them to set it up with another router.  We just did something similar to that and couldn't get the original router to connect to the new connected router.  A call to their service center cleared up the problem and it's working perfectly now.