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Wish Me Luck! Answered

I'm applying for Tacoma School of the Arts. It's a huge deal. I've got to do interviews, auditions, make a portfolio, get letters of recommendation, and fill out a bunch of forms. I'm going for Filmmaking and Visual Arts. A lot of people have said I should apply, including the DIRECTOR of the school. I won't be here for a few days because I've still got to:
A) Create a still life of three common objects, with statement.
B) Create a two minute demo of one of my films, with statement.
C) Select a piece that represents my best work of 8th or 9th grade from each of these:
  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Language
All this is due tuesday, when I go to my audition. Who knows what I'll have to do there, one kid said you have to do a 30 second quick draw in front of judges.
Only 20% out of district applicants (me) make it in, so it's a bloody battle for domination.
My Stress-O-Meter is off the charts.


chill you obviously have the skills if the director's behind you, just get the work done well and make the examples show off your actual flair, not just be all technically good. You can do it, good luck, and try not to stress too much.

Audition's tomarrow, here's my submition sketch showing what I hope to achieve there.


Don't you just hate people who can drive a pencil properly?

yeah, but even more so those who can not drive a car properly.

i actually do some drawings in school myself *erm* did i say school?? well, not in science class, thats for sure. But its mostly just random punk stuff, nothing elaborate like that...

I drew in science... and math... and english... and every other class I had... Most of it was just doodles, though occasionally it would turn into something worthwhile on the side of an assignment.

Im likin it though bad res pic had me worried for a sec there... Again good luck and hopefullly you get in

Tuesday is nearly done in the UK - how will you have done?

Fingers crossed! (Mine, not yours, you need yours to draw) When you're done, go skating or something to burn off the stress while you wait for the decision.

Good luck man, update us on how this goes! Wishin' the best, Bran.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Well, I think I did good. Interviews, Drawing tests, Math, English, and Science tests. I'll find out in three weeks...

sooo its tuesday how did it go?

May the Force be with you.

Good luck Spl1nt3rC3ll!!! I hope you get in, even though I don't like Tacoma...

Tacoma's going to be a big change from Gig Harbor. I'm going to have to cross the bridge(s) every day.

Yep. We don't have to cross the bridge anymore because they brought everything to our side. YMCA, Costco, Borders Books, New (Galaxy?) movie theater with two State-of-the-art 3D screens, the list goes on and on.

We have (in yakima) all of those things, except for the 3d screens. It is still boring as (censored). It would be nice if we actually had a tea shop, but it closed...

I've been across that bridge like, twice. I wish we had a Borders Books here....

The new bridge is so helpful. There hasn't been any heavy traffic since it was made. Speeds things up quite nicely.

Good luck Be calm Breathe Take a spare pencil.

Definitely breathe, it wouldn't look good if you passed out.

very cool... what kind of "Arts" exactly are you interested in?

Filmmaking and Everything under the Visual arts (Painting, drawing, sculpting etc.).

cool. im actually more into the "fine arts"; mostly music, but thats all cool, too :] good luck, btw!

Wow! Good luck!

Wow!! Woo Hoo! Good Luck! I'm sure that everything will go well! May the muffin forces be with you. (Oh, and listen to Kiteman. He is very wise.)

And don't be too stressed out! Stay calm during the interview/audition, and rock their socks (perhaps even their faces) off!

Still, the documentary of my *current* school's play is adding to the stress. I've got to re-sync the audio and video for several hours of film, because of transfer bug.

Good luck, the quick draw requirement seems kind of easy, if you can't draw and put five shots in a six inch target at 7 yards in under 2 seconds, you really need practice, and they give you 30.

good luck, for your interview: Make sure you look good don't stutter don't say ummm practice before hand.