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With Motorcycles, Eco-Friendly and Badass Can Mix - Selection of Cool Motorcycles from Wired Answered

I can't wait to take a ride on Yamaha's Tesseract.

With Motorcycles, Eco-Friendly and Badass Can Mix

Electric and alternative-fuel bikes are the future of individual transportation not because of their fuel efficiency but because they are extremely cool. That's right. Creators of eco-friendly motorcycles are pushing the limits of their designs to make them desirable to a biking community that sees little difference between their (relatively) efficient gas engines and the new-fuel wave of alternatives. Riding bikes is all about the cool factor, so the crazier and more technologically advanced they get, the more people will want to ride them, clean fuel or not.

Gaze upon the alt-fuel bikes most likely to break the mold of motorcycle design in the near future.


awsome bike but it womt go into mass production

all right, i'll admit that is pretty cool, but can it top the one wheeled bike:


I was going to accuse somebody of photoshopping, but then I found this on xkcd... .

unicycle motorbike.jpg

Uno yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! its 2 wheels are one. But seriously If I can ride a motorcycle I would love both of these.

Yes, but it is still a prototype. It works like a segway, lean forward to go forward, back to stop and reverse. The 2 wheels are on suspension so they always touch the ground, ever when leaning to the side.

I already tried it, but it didn't work. the pedal kept on hitting the chain.

Actually that isn't a motorcycle any longer it is a Quad/ ATV

Check out the Spyderfor a cool ride Motorcycle style. This is my future toy (I hope).

ooh, i was just joking. although...

Everyone on here think they're sweet, including me (the Yamaha above is Nice. I'll be driving right after it comes out ;-). But looking at the comments on the page, everyone thinks they look ugly.

That looks much more like a quad than a bike. Personally, I think this one's pretty sweet.


Yeah! Nice combination of futuristic and retro styling...

name the price for the quad

Its like duct-taping two bikes together! Hmm, that gives me an idea...

These are sweet, though soon I'll have my 125, probably a CG, get liscence, bumping up to something a bit more beastly, then I'll be working on my own possibly electric, possibly compressed air powered vehicle, the compressed air on would be alot more fearsome than those previously seen though...

.......................omg...................... dibs