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With the upside down tomatoes in bucket does it need full sun? Answered

 With the upside down tomatoes in bucket, does it need to be in full sun ? Wanted to hang buckets on porch, it would get the morning sun only.


The more sun the better, but full sun all day is not necessary. Warm temperatures are important too, if the plants get too cold that affects development - IIRC the leaves tend to look more purple when the plant has got too cold.

Morning sun is fine. Been growing tomato out of a cat litter bucket for about 10 years and have only had the morning sun from my apartment's back porch. We've always kept it to the cherry and grape varieties.


6 years ago

Up in Reno they get full sun till 3 pm and like it.


Most tomato plants only require partial sunlight. All you can really do is try it. Also, if you check the "Related" on the right, there are pictures of the planters hung in various locations.