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Women who write: what would it take... Answered

I'm researching starting an online magazine for smart, creative women. Like those of you on this site. I'd rather avoid writers experienced with magazines and girl-blogs because I'm sick of that generic "10 Things You ___" Cosmo style of writing.

My question to Instructables women is: what sort of compensation would inspire you to write and/or photograph a blog post? 

Notes on what kind of work I'd hope to publish: Insightful, funny, willing to be controversial, with the writer's unique voice, on topics such as work, family, home, DIY, cooking, unusual outdoorsy stuff, and what to do when your glue gun melts onto your grandmother's kitchen table. The more casual and personal the better, I want pieces that read like a note you dashed off to a friend. In other words, I want stuff that was fun for you to write, gives you a chance to show off your latest adventure/project/meal, and is equally fun to read.

Tell me what kinda money you'd want to see! Or, email me an idea and we can get this party started right now with a deliciously huge $10-20 paid outta my own pocket for each piece.




5 years ago

Someone has an interesting blog here:
Here's a comment someone posted on her blog:
Susan Steadman, RN, BSN says:
February 22, 2012 at 10:46 am
I have never seen so much good, old-fashioned, common sense in one place…..well, since my parents raised me. Your insight into what to do illuminates what is wrong for so many families; they just don’t know what to do!

….I hope they’ll listen to YOU!!)

Work from Home: http://wahmjoboptions.blogspot.com/2012/09/free-witch-crochet-hat-pattern.html

And here: http://www.thisblogisforwomen.com/

You might get a better response if you approach people directly - browse through Instructables to find projects written in a style that you think will fit your planned image, then send a PM to the author (male or female) to invite them to contribute directly.

That is a fantastic idea. :) Thanks!

Any time. Good luck with the magazine.