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Won 3 month pro membership, cannot activate it. Answered

Recently I won a three month pro membership, but I cannot activate it... I click the link and it sends me to a log in, THEN I can get no further with it. What else do I have to do to get it?


I received 1 or 2 of those once. Didn't know how to activate. Don't know if they expired. No idea where they are if they still exist.

You should be able to see any Premium Membership codes that you've received by clicking on the Premium Membership tab on you You Page:https://www.instructables.com/you

If it happens to be blank, please send a message to our support team at service [at] instructables [dot] com

Hello, Tomatoskins, I sent a membership code to a friend, but he reports the site keeps taking him to a credit card page. Am I correct that he must first join as a free member, then once he is logged in, visit the 'you' page and enter the upgrade code?

That is correct! Once they have a free account (and are logged in) they need to visit: https://www.instructables.com/payment/redeem and enter the code you gave them in the box on the left.

If they aren't able to get that to work, please notify our support team at service [at] instructables [dot] com

Be sure to login first then click on the link. You should see three boxes. Ignoring the boxes on the right enter your code in the box on the left and click submit. If you are still having troubles after that please notify our support team at service@instructables.com