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Can't beat cutting-edge witty comments.

Just poke them occasionally to check if they're dead.

They're not dead! They're just sleeping...

You said you were a woman! You are a liar! Or you are telling the truth, in which case I am again deeply apologetic for being so insensitive.

Nooooooo! That's impossible!! For very good physiological reasons

geographical reason can be overcome, and as has been recently proven, current gender has little to do with it

You do all realise that I quoted a line from Doctor Who, don't you? "The Empty Child"?

aye, remember the Doc commanded him to go to his room?

I did anyway :-) Thus my comment above. And in the case of that episode she was his mommy....genetically anyways

LOL, I actually got to see that episode ;-)

*poke* Are you still there?


9 years ago


I had a chair once that said something along the lines of "Warning: persons weighing over 250 pounds may cause chair broken."

I dug out an old instruction leaflet for my Ameritech Caller ID box, and now I know why I never read it, but do not, for the life of me, know why I saved it. Except for the name of the device, the entire 8 page leaflet is in Spanish.

Well, at least I know that the Modelo is AM02000 *sigh*


9 years ago

Two comments- firstly, I got a £25 for writing to New Scientist with instructions I found on a blowtorch that included "use in a tent is prohibited" and "never use while sleeping" that made it into the back page. Also, I worked in a physics lab for a term in the first year of my degree using oscilloscopes that had a "focalisation" knob- I think they were French. That spawned a number of bad faux-french memes- "turnez-vous le focalisation, putain! Sacre bleu...". I don't know if it's actually pronounced "focc-a-liz-aseeon" but we had fun with it.


9 years ago

Haha, here are some excerpts from my multimeter instructions.

No more than a novel style, ting stmiccture, cheap price, but the multi-tester has perfect quality and wide measuring range.

Operation At first the zero corrector should be detected and adjusted to place the pointer on zero of the scale left. No periodor, screw the indicator zero corrector to adjust in.

Haha, it only gets worse from there.

I should have kept the instructions for operating my pedometer as it was obviously written by someone whose comprehension of English sentence structure was a little off. Let's just say it wasn't his/her first language.