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Wonderful Site Answered

First up, let me say sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum, but I looked and couldn't really find anywhere else for it. If it's wrong, show me to the dunce's corner while a mod moves it to the appropriate place.

I just want to say what an amazing site this is. I stumbled in while looking for a knitting pattern for a Pokemon toy (on instructions from my youngest offspring). I quickly got sidetracked in my search, and soon found myself joining because I wanted to comment on something I found.
I love the concept of sharing ideas with other people. Among other things, I make dollhouse miniatures and the local club I belong to is big on the idea that if you know how to, then share your knowledge for others to enjoy.
So a few days after joining, I now find myself creating an instructible of my own to share and hopefully (if it turns out) to enter into one of the competitions.



Welcome, it is always great to see enthusiasm.....it helps ME to be more enthusiastic too :-)

Yay! Welcome to instructables! Another thing you will find is that instructables is a community of amazing and thoughtful people! :D

Well, some of them, at least ;-> (the ones who replied to this thread, primarily :-).

Hey not ALL of us have time to be here 11 hours out of 12 ;-)

:D Of course! :D But there are some sites that have no ground rules and there are some wicked people! I am glad instructables is not one of those!

I would like to apologize to the instructables community for not posting something like this when I joined. This is a very nice site.


7 years ago


Perfect place to post this - welcome, and we look forward to what you have to share (my wife knits).

You made a great choice for this posting! Welcome to Instructables. We hope you enjoy the projects, the creating, and hopefully the interactions among the members. There's a tremendous diversity here, in age, in skills and interests, and even in languages.

Hey! Welcome to the site - it's great to have you.

Welcome to your new virtual "DIY crack" addiction!