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Wondering time frame to receive a prize? Answered

I was a runner-up in the 4th epilog laser challenge.  I got the instructables prize pack about two weeks after the contest ended. However I still haven't gotten the leatherman juice.  I was just wondering if this was normal.  Any further light would be much appreciated.




Sponsor prizes sometimes get delayed and will ship out separately from the instructables prize pack(t-shirt,patch,stickers). Ibles sometimes has to wait for all contest winners to respond to send one list to the sponsor to then send out the prize. The sponsor then has to get their act together to order and ship the prize. I'm sure the holidays might have impacted that process. I have gotten a few prizes that were shipped as purchases through Amazon so don't expect to be notified when the actual sponsor prize may ship or get a tracking number. It'll show up. You have to be patient.

Thanks, for the response. Sorry didn't respond sooner. You satisfied my curiosity too well I guess. It still hasn't come yet, but I am assuming that is still normal, correct? Thanks!

You should do a real email to service@instructables.com Someone on staff should be able to give you the status of your prize.