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Won't download PDF's dosn't reconize my Pro membership Answered

When I try to download a PDF it dose not reconize my menbership


Your username to the right of the screen does not have the "pro" icon next to it - when did you go pro?

Similar situation is happening to me. I created my account yesterday and I purchased my first three months of Pro Membership to go with it. After this, I attempted to download the "Full Size GLaDOS papercraft"
[ https://www.instructables.com/id/Full-Scale-GLaDOS-Papercraft-Replica/ ]
but it doesn't view me as a member. Is there a delay before membership is accepted?

There may be (I honestly can't remember how long my "pro" tag took to appear).

If you are still pro-less on Friday, I'd send a message to HQ (service[at]instructables[dot]com)

Ok cool, thanks for the assistance.