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Woo hoo! A fully operational search capability. Now Google is all our friend Answered

Yippie!  Whoopie!  Yahoo!

Many thanks for including a real search capability (Powered By Google[TM]) to Instructables.  The form and content of the results will take getting used to, I'm sure, but being comprehensive and supporting all the nice Google operators will be awesome.


I still prefer the graphical search.

And now you've got it, right up front.  Rachel rolled out a tweak over night.

We should all be very nice to Rachel. She's catching a lot of user flak for the recent changes, and is doing one hell of a job keeping up with everything. Perhaps I'll send her a funny hat.

Yes, we should.  And I try to thank her as frequently as she posts.

For some reason I like the look of the hat used in the Beauxbatons Academy in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Seems a little plain though.

And yeah the whole Instructables crew are doing an awesome job, I love the new footer!

If the picture looks good then I'm more inclined to read the opening sentence, and from there see if it's good. Google Search makes one have to read (oh no!) which is sometimes a little annoying when you wish to find a specific Instructable quickly.

Yippie!  With Rachel's update last night, we now have the Graphical Search available right up front, next to the new G*cough*gle search.


8 years ago

Some things I would like to say:
  1. I like how Google search has member search on it, but why only for some members? I can search kcls (me) and it will come up, but with other members it won't. If you search just "Instructables member" It come up with a completely unsorted list of people!?
  2. Google search has no pictures next to the results
  3. Google search has no sorting function
  4. Google search is completely littered with ads.
Just some personal thoughts, not trying to sound picky. I can already the comments going against me piling up.
Thank you for posting the details of your opinion!  Hopefully Staff will read through some of this.  Anyway, I generally agree with your points.
  1. Could you give an example of a member who doesn't show up?  Does the username contain spaces or special characters?  If so, did you put the whole name in quotes?
  2. Hear, hear.  That was part of the home-brew verison.  I've never seen pictures associated with Google results anywhere, though, so I don't see how that could be changed.
  3. Google Knows Best.  I would love to be able to do sorted results (alphabetic, by date posted, or by Google's Relevance).

I posted a feedback topic on it here, containing a member who doesn't work, and a few other points.

  • Still no member search. :(
  • Apparently the Graphical Search still uses the original Instructables engine...it's in a different order than the Google-based search, and it is the only one that allows you to select All/Instructables/Answers/Forum Topics/Groups.
  • No link back to the Google search page from the Graphical page.

Sorry to TPTB if I sound whiny, just pointing out a few things I noticed. It should be a nice improvement.

Graphical search?  Where is this?

The Google-engine search certainly does do a member search.  I typed in my own username (don't we all? :-), and the first hit was "Instructables member kelseymh", followed by a bizarrely unsorted list of comments and I'bles either by me or which mentioned my username.

Also notice my avatar in the top-right...I can only get it to do that with your name, oddly enough, and I can't interpret the URL well enough to figure out where it's coming from.
 (https://www.instructables.com/pages/search/search.jsp?cx=partner-pub-1783560022203827%3Anpr2q7v5m6t&cof=FORID%3A11&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=kelseymh , btw)

Huh!  I see no such thing on the search bar, just the white-on-orange "Search" button, and the new "Submit New Instructable" button.

I just tried "CameronSS", and the "Instructables member ...." was again the first hit (after the Kirk Cameron ads).

You shouldn't be seeing such ads.  Could you post this as a bug report (or in Pro:Welcome)?  That way staff will see it tomorrow morning.

 The problem is that they are the ads Google includes in their searches, so I'm not sure if the Instructables team can change that.