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Wood Converted SWB Recumbent Bike of Awesome! Answered

This is a project coming soon... But I'm so excited I have to share... I'm beside myself in excitement, in fact.

All that's left to finish the project is:

1. Recondition a bit more chain and add it on
2. Add idlers and get my chain line in order
3. Cut excess wood and make a Seat

But after I assembled a crank into some 2x4's - and had to step back and laugh. I've seen it before, in person at the maker faire. But to do it myself and see how easy/simple it is... Ha!

So I cobbled that together - made a pseudo tie fighter handle bar from some scrap PVC and two Tees... And rode off into the sunset... Until the chain derailed - and then I realized I couldn't make appreciable low speed turns due to chain routing... Both problems can be fixed with an idler - a solution I've yet to install due to Kinematics homework having a due date of tomorrow.

So yeah, this is something I've always wanted to do. And I'm totally happy I did it (and happy I bought those cheap bikes at auction last year :p). AND, the front boom is modular. I intend on making it, and have accommodated for, adjustable. So I can go for more incline and a more aggressive seat position. (mind you, this is a single speed :p).

Okay, I'm done venting -- feedback?


That possibly the second ugliest thing I have seen on this whole site ;-D

. It may be as ugly as homemade sin, but if he put that together with two Crescent wrenches, a pair of Channellocks, and two C-clamps, then I'm impressed.

Two C clamps Channel Locks because my crescent wrenches aren't big enough Misc. Drill Bits Hole Saw There's also a chain tool in there -- for making longer chain :D It is quite ugly :p Even by homemade standards... Luckily, I'm a function over form kind of guy :p Once it's reached "done" (really, are personal projects ever "done"?), it will look a little better. The big deal is -- the original bike hasn't been modified. Sure, I've removed some parts (seat/post, cranks and replaced the front wheel) - but if I ever want to bring it back to the beach cruiser it once was - that can be done in 10 or so minutes (no special tools required) :)

. Even with the expanded tool list, I'm still impressed. ;) Kinda like the dancing bear - it's not so much that you did it so well, but that you were able to do it at all. . I'm kinda curious as to how long the wood will hold up