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Wood Cutting Question Answered

HI, I need to fit wood in a pattern shown. I'm not sure exactly how to fit the boards, I'm looking for structural integrity and angles that aren't ridiculously  hard to cut.



The Cartographer

6 years ago

Thank you, it should be about 55 centimeters length wise, at least for the final product, I might end up making a smaller scale version of it first. But my tools are limited to a circular saw, regular saw, dremel tool, and screw driver. Though I now really want a biscuit jointer. Thank you for your comment.

Haunted Spider

6 years ago

Part of the question not posed here is what size of objects are you making?

Without that knowledge it will be hard to tell you what to do. From your name, Cartographer, i would assume these are small but if they are, why do they need to be jointed together when you could just use a scroll saw and cut them out.

That leads me to think they are a bit bigger.

If they are bigger, jointing them together is going to be more important than the angles they are cut at. Most wood projects should be what is called biscuit jointed when you are butting two pieces or more up against each other. They make a tool that cuts the groove, and they sell the biscuits to glue in place.

If you are only going to see the cut out from one side, You could use a backer board behind the center and screw the pieces to that.

Unfortunately I just don't know quite how to help as I don't have enough information. Maybe my shot in the dark was helpful anyway.