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Wood and brass give old iPod a fresh bit of class Answered

Instead of just letting his old iPod slowly sift to the bottom of a drawer, this guy gave it a sweet new look. Carved wood, veneer, and some brass shows that he really cares.




9 years ago

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Hahaha, very clever ! your good at this :P

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Looks really nice, recolor on the headphones would top it all off.

kewl, but do not think it will fit in dock very well :D

Has anybody told Jake?

It has been heavily edited since first publishing.

It is now much less negative than it was.


Nice, now we need a steampunk iPod mod...


9 years ago

Yep this is on Make

Ohh lovely, think of the time you could spend polishing it... Fabric-wrapped rubber-insulated wires would finish it off. L