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Wooden Vespa Answered

Vespas are pretty damn cool, but remake one entirely in wood? That's just amazing.

What to do with a wooden Vespa? Ride it right along with a wooden motorcycle.

Wooden Vespa
Wooden Motorcycle
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9 years ago

So, where's the instructions? How can I make one? Isn't this "instructables"?

What about termites? Their not your usual road hazzard!

Now, who said Vespas were cool at all, let alone "pretty damn".

What're you gonna do about it, tough guy?

And why does it bug you to get free information handed to you on a platter? Certain memberslove it when people do that.

Man that's awesome... Vespas are like the only scooters I'd ever ride...

Never say never. Scooters ARE embarassing, but I'm mostly out for fun. Even though I'm a fan of serious bikes, most scooters I've tried were fun. I took one waaay out bush in Australia, and had a fairly major crash while trying to get out of a crock-infested (at least I think they were crocks) swamp. Good times!

That is truly awesome. The first motorcycle (Gottlieb Daimler) was wooden. Most modern attempts at a wood-bikes are kinda pitiful. But that is genuinely classy. I'd definitely ride it.

Overheard comment by the artist; I spent ages making this blasted thing, but when it was finished it wooden go!

Kiteman throws pennies under the feet of passing children and disappears in the confusion.

It's much better - people trip over small children that are scrambling for coins.

It hasn't been a while since I've done this, but this one deserves it!

Dear Santa,

But seriously, that is a fine piece of machinery right there. Absolutely beautiful.

put an internal combustion engine in it and create your own hot seat :-) Very well crafted though...


9 years ago

Holy crap I think I'm in love. I've loved wooden stuff made with this stripy laminating technique for ever (since seeing an electric guitar built in the same style for an A-level tech project) and have a soft spot for Vespas despite not being much of a scooter head, so the combination is just... (tongue hangs out). Somebody make an electric one and I will physically throw money at the maker for a chance to buy it.

WOW. That is awesome, seriously, thats one of the coolest vespas i've ever seen. And I've seen mine.


That's very nice... (the wooden one is cool, too.)

that's verrrry nice! (RcPowers Joke)

Ah, it is good to know modesty still exists LOL

Very nice, but the motor isn't made of wood! gah!

. I thought it was a pretty neat piece of sculpture, but the thing actually has a motor and runs. Most excellent.