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Wooden free standing coat rack? Answered

 This design appeared late last year or early this year. It was free standing and in the picture it was emerald green in color. I can't find it and I'm wanting to make a few. Help !!!!


If you can't find it now there's a good chance that it's been deleted.

Sometimes when people get bored with the site they delete their instrucables or they delete because someone disagrees with them about something.  Maybe they didn't get hundreds of nice comments.

Can you think of anything that might have been  used as a key word other than "coat rack"?

 Basic coat rack out of wood ! I don't know what else to ask for. Pertty basic request. If the design has been removed from the site how do I track it back ? 

Was it called a "freestanding wood coat rack'"or did someone get cute and call it  "a linear cellulose constructed super duper place to stick outer garments so your mom will get off your back"?