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Woodpigeon Stroganoff Answered

My friend got permission from a local farmer to go shooting on his land. As a result he gave me 4 wood pigeons and a recipe. I didn't take enough pictures for a full instructable so I thought I would post it here on the forums for and foodies interested.

It's delicious, tastes a little of kidney but without the pissy irony taste you sometimes get. I'd recommend cooking it until it's pink inside but no longer, it's beautifully tender when still pink and gets tougher as you cook it longer. I used double the recipe below to serve 4 people.

The pigeons were quite large, I plucked the feathers from the breast to clear it then cut a slit in the skin before peeling it all back. I then slit down either side of the breast bone and stuck my thumbs in to peel out the breast. A slit at the bottom and top end should allow you to pull it free.


breasts of 2 woodpigeon cut into long 20mm thick strips
1/2 400gm tin of chopped tomatoes
1 medium onion sliced not diced
1 red pepper sliced not diced
1 tbsp of smoked paprika
1 oz of butter
142 ml carton of sour cream
A handful of chopped parsley

1 - Gently sweat the onions and pepper in the butter for 2 minutes then add the paprika and cook until onions are soft.

2 - Increase the heat and when it starts to sizzle add the pigeon strips and fry until all sides are sealed.

3 - Add the tinned tomatoes a little at a time so the pan doesn`t cool too much then add 1/2 the soured cream a little at a time.

4 - Check the pigeon strips are cooked to the doneness you like(pink for me) then throw in the parsley stir and serve with rice and a dollop of sour cream on top.



He he.

Would a slideshow be acceptable? I don't really have enough pictures for a full ible.

Pigeon used to be a treat on Chinese banquet menus a long time ago.  I remember it was pan-wok-fried with the skin being crispy duck-like, dark meat - sometimes gamey, dense and tough if overcooked, but served with a splash of fresh lemon for a kick in flavor.  Lots of bones though.

I just cut the breasts off, I had a think about taking the leg meat off but it was a bit scant.

Yeah sounds good, looks good too. You could turn this into an instructable, the only bits that are hard to photograph again you've done.


Thinking about it... I should have made it into a slideshow. I'll do that if anyone's interested in it being more permanent than a forum topic.