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Woodworking Ironwood? Answered

Anyone have any experience working with Ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia) ?  It's density and color are appealing, but  I don't know how it ages / weathers.  Haven't found anyone here who works with it for advice.  Majority of references I've heard mention it is primarily used for firewood.

Any thoughts / experiences?


I was in an island in the West Indies (mid 1970s) where the ruins of an old fort was still standing in the jungle. The roof was gone and only the stone walls were standing. I then saw the door jambs was the only wood still there. I was told the fort was over 300 years old and the jamb looked dark and weathered but still viable. There were little nubs which the guide scratched with his knife to reveal the remains of brass screws. I was told that this wood was so dense that it would sink in water. I am not sure it was the same ironwood you are considering. According to Wikipedia says the name ironwood is used for several different dense woods. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ironwood

Never hear of it either, but i did make a knife handle out of bog oak, which has a nice black colour, but is extremly rare, my grandad found some in a bog before, its pretty tough wood, and is basically oak that was preserved in a bog for 1000s of years

I'd never heard of it before your post, but following the links in the wiki article results in the information that the tree is also referred to as a "she-oak", because the timber is similar in properties to English Oak.