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Woot! My first True SMD soldering job! Answered

Yay! I finally soldered my first SMD chip package! (And it didn't explode!)


nice job, for it to be really easy, just get some soldering paste from dealextreme for like 4 dollars and just put everything on an old skillet.

Have you tried it? I'm actually thinking about doing my soldering by hand, or with a hot-air gun...

I will try it very soon, I'm almost done with the pcb designing of my most complicated circuit made completely by my self. It contains about 25 parts and it's going to be tiny. I'll see then! Sparkfun did it and said it was the best way.

Yeah, but that technique is used mostly by people who are doing batch production, since its quicker. However, most of the sites that I've seen don't even bring up that technique for one-board jobs. My board, that I've designed by myself as well, has 50+ parts... all in a 2.5"x1.5" area :P I'm thinking about redesigning it, putting the parts on both sides, now that I'm not using reflow...

well, I'm just doing this meathod because My soldering iron tip is fat. I have about 27 components in a very very small area. about 1 inch by half an inch

I was thinking about using solder paste, but couldn't find any X_X

Congrats! It looked horrrible until I realized how small it was. You have skillz

Congrats on the shiny!

Its not a shiny, you peasant! Its a shiny with not-so-shiny-bumpies!
(bumpy refers to the components, d'oy)

You always rain on my parade. And step on my happiness. And crush my heart with your gnashing teeths. I'm going to walk away real sad-like now! Bye!

I don't rain, I physically can't do that... or can I? Either way, it doesn't matter. I can't step on your happiness, as happiness isn't physical. And your heart is crushed with your OWN gnashing teeth! Are we still friends, after I just proved how nice I am!?

I'll still be your friend if you explain why you pooped at my party.

Ahh, because your response to zach reminded me of a set of characters in "Hothouse/Long Afternoon of Earth".


10 years ago

Congrats! Could you give us a picture where you're holding the circuit, just for scale? (Oh, and so I can steal your fingerprints and and get into the super-secret bunker underneath the Squid Labs control tower, of course.)

Hey Josh, looks good! What are you using it for?

'twill be part of a WWBV syncing clock-type thing.
WWVB is America's atomic clock radio signal (@ a frequency of 60 kHz)
This module outputs in serial, which I can read pretty easily w/ my attiny2313.

The whole thing should be done pretty soon =)

Based on the datasheet for the chip, its a clock set by some transmission... This will connect to something via SPI, probably...

Of course it didn't explode! It's not Tuesday! Awesome!

Haha, thanks! There was lots of extra solder on the board, so I decided to try and coat all of the pads... didn't work out exactly as planned..

Try using a hot iron to *quickly* smooth it out. That works for me...