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Working in the Woodshop Answered

Classes have started at Pier 9!  Everyone has to go through different classes in order to be allowed to use pieces of equipment in the workshop. 

Check out Jessy becoming a pro at some of the woodshop tools!


This looks so much fun! I can't say it enough, Instructables is the best place in the world!

Oh, I've just realized, that disc sander breaks UK safety regulations - only the "downward" quadrant should be exposed, to prevent the work-piece being snagged and catapulted at the user.

I like (and admire) women capable of make "male work", congratulations!

The wife of my brother-in-law is like you, she makes furniture, home repairs, etc. She works very well, have many electric and hand tools.

Oooo, no pushsticks available to use at the tablesaw? Even those ID card or retractable key lanyards on your belt should be a no-no around machinery. You might get dragged into the blade or something if they get caught. +1 for the fashionable safety glasses though.

When I certified for woodworking tools, we had to make a push stick as part of the process - we put rough, recycled timber through a planer/thicknesser, used a table saw to get it roughly to size, cut it to shape on the band saw, detailed on a scroll saw, drilled out a hanging hole with the pillar drill, then finished with a disc sander.

See the poor shot with my tablet camera: