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Working on a 12V battery circuit, need to know how to hook up a toggle switch that has three way switching "On-Off-On"? Answered

Is it necessary to connect the ground wire to the center post on the switch? Or can I just attach the hot wire to both end terminals, and leave the center post bare? Trying to hook up a rolling spot sprayer to my small Kabota tractor whereas all circuits are 12 volt, I'm wiring it so the power wires can be disconnected, by way of spring clips to the battery, when not being needed. But I need to be able to contol the power to the spot sprayer from the tractor seat.


Kubota? L

. That is probably a SPDT (single-pole, double-throw) switch. If so, run the incoming hot to the center and use either of the outside posts for the sprayer. Do not connect a ground to the switch.

on off on - he's right is SPDT, and would allow you to have 2 different things on, but not at the same time - you mention a spot sprayer ...so it would shoot one bank or the other.