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World's Heaviest Motorcycle Answered

Monster bike is world's heaviest

A giant motorbike powered by a Russian tank engine has been recognised as the heaviest in the world.

It's been dubbed the Led Zeppelin by creator Tilo Nieber, 39, who said: "You don't get much more heavy metal than this."

The four-and-a-half tonne machine has driven into the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest motorbike in the world.

It is 17ft 4ins long and 7ft 6ins tall and the engine alone weighs 1.8 tonnes after the armour plating tank cover has been stripped off.

The bike, which took a team of welders and mechanics almost a year to build at the Harzer Bike Schmiede in Zilly, Germany, is now hoping for a licence to travel on the road.

But in the meantime Guinness Book of Records spokesman Amarilis Espinoza confirmed it was the world's heaviest motorbike.



10 years ago

That is Heavy Metal
Not as cool as this


I wonder how well that corners ?

Corners? Who need corners, when you have a tank!

One word: buildings No, on second thought, another word: cliffs LOL

cliffs + tanks = win! havn't you ever seen indiana jones?

No such thing as "too often", when it comes to Indy! (Except Temple of Doom, maybe.)

Um, yeah there is......when you get to the point of analyzing how ludicrous many scenes are, you suddenly realize you've seen it way too often ;-)

I actually saw a tank go on a rampage in the city on the discovery channel. Apparently it was stolen by some military dude. they finally caught him when he tried to change lanes on the freeway, and he got stuck. Now something even MORE dangerous that I saw was a bulldozer covered in homemade metal armor with a layer of cement that efficiently blocked armor-piercing bullets. It was more dangerous than the tank because 1. It had machine guns AND ammo (the tank was not loaded), and 2. the bulldozer was homemade, so the army doesnt know about its design or weakness. The cops finally caught him thanks to a brave driver who took a construction machine and managed to block him into a square parking lot. The engine quit on the guy while he was trying to get out.

Yeah, I saw that piece about the tank too. The other one, I hadn't heard about.

lol, the tank and the bulldozer were on separate episodes. the show was called "Destroyed in seconds".

I'll check that out. I've seen the tank clip. But I've only heard about the buldozzer incident.

English is mai langwedge and I'll abyoose it as I sea phit! :-)

Just one question then, what does a buldozzer do? ;-)

Thay ar big and thay doo wahtevur thay wantt.

Oh! Then yes, just like the "OOD", or Jabba the Hut. Or the DHS, DoD, CIA, BATF, etc.

well, I only ever saw doozers on Fraggle Rock LOL

Fraggle Rock? Way to date yourself! I didn't watch that too much as a kid, but everytime I did, it made me want to smoke pot (even though I didn't). I figured I'd understand it more if I was "highly enlightened".

I'm about to date myself again LOL I didn't see it as a kid...but rather in my early 20's

Pretty well, I should thing. The back wheel would be the turning wheel.

Hmm, I don't know. Having been on a few bikes, and one very terrifying ride in a side car.....I don't know.

Isn't that the one built with the Viper engine?

I NEED one. I have a 196" Yamaha V6 engine, with DOHC. I was thinking of building an oversized sportbike, or sadly, a sport-trike. It's no tank, but it would still be overkill (just the way I like it!).

>takes mental note not to buy another bike until he's been to Skunkworks

Yep, At the Skunkranch, there's currently about 15 bikes in the herd. Plus another 3 or four frames, countless parts, 4 or 5 ATVs, and 2 (running) Jet Skis that would make AWESOME projects. The Yamaha engine is in a Ford SHO. I don't really like the car, but I LOVE the engine!

15 bikes!?!? >mutters about kids having all the luck

So, how far is it to the next gas station?

Jeebus! That's bigger than the trike J.J. built with his team on Monster Garage!

The Japanese would have a fit - part of their bike license test involves being able to pick your bike up from its side. If you can't stand it up, you're not allowed to ride it.

And reasonably so! That bike is the definition of excessive. :P


10 years ago

Just don't forget to set your kickstand! :-D

Or leave small animals near it!

Well heck, not even LARGE animals LOL

Yeah......... about that. I kinda left my black bear there, now I can't find him!

I think he is underneath my Great Dane; Marmaduke LOL

Hmm. Sorry, but I cannot say I understand your probably humourous joke.

I assumed you meant you Black Bear disappeared under the that big motorcycle, and I just replied that my big as a couch sized dog (it is a cartoon dog BTW) got pushed down, by the motorcycle on top of the bear (both would be "part of the ground" now). If you meant the bear drove the motorcycle away, I apologize for misunderstanding.

I have got to send a link of this to my friend who brags about his awsome BMW bike LOL

Holy crud...


10 years ago

Thats huge. Can you imagine that thing tailgating you?

I can't imagine being behind it, listening to the exhaust LOL