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Worst Commercial Ever? Answered

This commercial has been out for a while now, but I don't see why Burger King would be showing it, because it just makes them look really bad in front of millions of people...

...why would they even come up with such an idea in the first place...?



 I actually thought it was kind of clever. Anywho...
I acknowledge your worst commercial and shall counter with the best commercial ever:
(Let's see if I remember how to work this new comment box...)

Gee, I sure hope so...
 *Checks pulse.*

Indeed I am! :D

Been a rough few months, I haven't caught a break since December (even then, I didn't have a winter break). Hopefully I'll be back in full swing when the school year ends, my luck's bound to change by then.   

Gee..., that is just....

...wow. How did they do that...?
Awesome vid.

...as you were saying, the BK commercial was kinda clever...?

1. Yes, it is an incredible video. How they made it, very interesting to say the least.

2. I've seen worse commercials. At least BK  admitted their new item was ripped straight  from McDonalds. Rather than attempt to hide the obvious, they poked fun at it.  

I watched how they made the vid right after you showed it. It's pretty neat stuff...

Anyway, why would BK poke fun at stealing the idea, if not stealing it at all...? I don't see how that's so clever. They just made a mistake, in my opinion. 

It's not really that hard to make a heart attack on a muffin. Also, they just make it look like it's worth stealing.

Well if it's so worth stealing, aren't they just advertising for McDonalds?

.  It got your attention. Enough so that you are actively spreading their message to all of Instructables. ;)

Yea, well not everyone really posts topics for absolutely pointless things... =/

Lol, I never said that... =)