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Worst christmas ever Answered

Hi everybody, Plasmana here...

I have been been inactive lately because I have a lot of stuff do, and now, I have to say this is going to be the worst christmas I have ever experienced...


My granddad passed away...

So, I am very sad at the moment..

And there has been a lot of bad things happing to UK at the moment, some stores are shutting down, causing many people losing their jobs, and there has been severe flooding in some parts of the UK...

Because a lot of bad things happened, I may be inactive from instructables for a long time, but I will still be able to post some comments....


Sorry about your Granddad. I have no clue how you feel. My biggest loss was my deformed dog. He was born with his leg out of the socket.

I know how you feel. My Uncle and granddad died 3 weeks ago also.

sorry for your loss.

Ok, now I find myself in the VERY awkward position of agreeing with both Nacho AND Kiteman :-)
Seriously, I am sure he would want you to celebrate his life rather than spend all your time morning over his death.

So, yes remember the good times, and when you are able, celebrate the good times. It is the happiness he would want you to remember.



My second grandmother knew she was dying (it was cancer), and had the foresight to write instructions for her funeral (no actual will, as she gave away her belongings while she was alive). The one thing she was very firm about was "no black at the funeral" - everybody had to wear bright clothes, and do their best to smile and laugh.

I plan the same.

Hmm, I was thinking of going with artificial lightning and parasols...

I need to finish my motion activated digital voice recorded recliner/lifter mashup project, so I can sit up and speak to everyone as they pass by....

Maybe have a programmed every so many people you pop up and point your fingers going ayyyyyye, ala fonzi.

Hmm, a good pattern recognition system would come in handy: I sit up Hey there uncle George or worse yet George, don't you STILL owe me money?

That would be hilarious... It could help ease the differences between past loves etc. or for people that live double lives...

Some of my favorite quotes on this come from a motivational speaker of years ago: Anthony Campolo:

“When you were born, you cried and everybody else was happy. The only question that matters is this: When you die, will YOU be happy when everybody else is crying?”

There is almost no difference between an Italian wedding and an Italian funeral, except at the funeral there is one less person.

He was saying that the celebrations were the same, life was being celebrated at both, but make sure you make known to the persons important in your life while they live that they are important to you; it is too late for them, once they are gone.

Family keeling over always sucks, never won't. Especially around Christmas, also first Christmases without... As for the crisis, I'm still in shock about woolies closing, it was like a tradition, a load of my friends have been laid off and I've been hunting for a job for ages, lots of places actually let Christmas staff go early or didn't get any people in at all this year. If you fancy cheering up my friends and I are having a get together in on 23rd in the hopes of making Christmas happier, thankfully supermarkets are at rock bottom prices so we can just afford to do it. Actually it may be miserable, if the oil for the heating doesn't come...

I wont to woolies the other day, it looked like it had been looted. There was stuff everywhere ! I did manage to get some super cheap pick-n-mix and a brand new xbox360 game for a tenner :D

Did you see what happened today? Zavvi announced it's in closure... I have a friend that works at woolies, the managers are only keeping them open to get their redundancy... Zavvi was a shock but it's not as established, it just rebranded virgin, which is still a big thing, a lot of the big institutions are falling around us, it's kind of scary...

Yea everything is suffering now :( i work at a garden center but its the only one for miles around so i think we'll be OK. I actually have only ever seen zavvi at airports but i didn't expect it to close down !

There's a big one in the middle of town here... There might also be another in Victoria Square, the giant fancy shopping place that's not long open...

Thank you everybody, you had all made me feel better. :-)

I'm sorry about your granddad. It's so hard to lose grandparents. :(

Sorry to hear that mate :( I know a few people have said this but i'm sure your granddad would have wanted you to be happy this holiday season. Hope you feel better soon !

That is very sad. I wish you and your family the best of luck, and hope you are able to recover soon.


9 years ago

Aww... That's sad and I mean it. Australia's economy is truly stuffed. Just by travelling overseas and buying some presents would make us get automatically ripped off.

I'm genuinely sorry Plas. I know how you feel, I lost my mother 3 weeks after Christmas and 2 weeks before my 15th birthday, and my father on July 4th, thankfully not in the same year. Losing someone you love is never easy, but especially around the holidays because we are supposed to be happiest at this time. This is not something you "get over" but it does get easier year to year. Even decades from now, you will look back and think of your grandfather each Christmas without the sadness, but with a love and joy that he was there to share your childhood with you and see you start your journey through life.

That's hard. I lost a grandmother and an aunt last month. Sometimes the Holidays are anything but merry.

I too am sorry to hear about your lost, I can remember how had it was for me when I lost my Grandma right after she was starting to get better from her 5 bypass heart surgery (she died 2 days after Christmas). I hope you will still have a Merry Christmas. I am sure everything will get better too.

*moment of silence* .

Let me add my own condolences to everyone else's. I can't say I know how you feel (no one can), but I can tell you that I understand your sadness -- my mother passed away just after Thanksgiving a few years ago. It could have made the whole season just, er, crappy. Instead, we had nearly 100 people come to the service, some of whom had been Mom's friends for 50 years or more. They all talked about their good memories of her over the years, and so on. When the rest of the family got together at Christmas, we remembered and talked about the things Mom contributed to the parties and to the family. Kiteman's observation was the best, and hopefully something that can support you through this difficult time.

. Sorry to hear about your loss. . I agree with Kiteman - don't let his passing ruin your Christmas. . Take some time for everyone to tell what made Granddad special to them and celebrate the holidays in his memory. Rejoice in the fact that you got to know someone very special. A lot of us never got to meet the man.

Sorry, my friend.

I can empathise quite clearly - when I was small, the first news we had one Christmas Morning was the death of a grandmother.

Never fear, though, we are all here for you. One thing to remember - don't feel guilty for enjoying yourself over Christmas. Your granddad would not have wanted that.

Reminisce, remember, rejoice in having known him, rather than being miserable about not knowing him longer.

About the nearest I get to religion: nobody is truly dead as long as somebody remembers them.

nobody is truly dead as long as somebody remembers them.

I'll raise my glass to that.

And that is often the best way to remember them.

Plasmana; Sláinte

Times are tough. My condolences.

Sorry to hear that. Caitlin and I lost a person dear to us last year right before the holidays. We knew things were never going to be the same and the family celebrations would be really empty. But somehow you get through it and rejoice that the person left good memories and is part of who you are. It's all part of growing up and life. Find something to do to dedicate in their memory and be comforted to know that you accomplished it for them. Take care.


9 years ago

I am sorry for your loss.I hope you will have better times ASAP.


9 years ago

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope things start to look up soon!

I am so sorry Plasmana. That's just terrible. My condondolences. :-'(

Thats too bad, I hope you can get over it...

Please share my condolences with your family. I remember in June, just 3 days before I was to have my double bypass done, my wife's mother passed away, and how hard that was on us at the time. Take care...


9 years ago

Sometimes it takes a thousand bad incidents, to result in one big one